Chios is one of the North Aegean islands that has the perfect balance of fun and tranquillity. How do I know that? It is the island where my parents are from. They used to drag my brother and me there, whenever we had a school break. Inevitably, we fell in love with it too!

I have spent almost every Easter (and summer) I have ever had in Chios. It is that time of the year when my Big Greek Family gathers together to consume huge amounts of meat and ouzo, yell at each other and dance, proudly maintaining all the stereotypes you may have about Greek people (photos were excluded to avoid any damage to your eyesight). All of this while following the traditions of cracking each other’s eggs open and roasting lamb to eat.

We are very lucky as our house is located in Lagada, a small fishing village in the north-east of the island. It offers serenity for anyone that wants to have a quiet break from the hectic Easter celebrations. So this year I chose to spend my afternoons at a local cafe amongst the older generation, I went fishing with my fishing pole, hiked across the pine forest of the bay and enjoyed some really fresh seafood in the quietest tavern in the village.

I have already booked my tickets for my summer vacation and guess where I am going…?